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The holiday season is finally here; spending time with family, cooking delicious meals to enjoy together and exchanging gifts with the people you care about. Now if you're having trouble figuring out the latter, especially since many of us spent less time with our loved ones this year, don't worry I have a few ideas for you. Behold my top 9 gift recommendations that cover all the bases; comfy, cute, practical and affordable! (Thank you, sale season!)

 Pima Cotton

Look, giving underwear as a gift to your friends and family might seem strange...until they try them on and realize that it’s actually the best gift they've ever received. Our Essential Cotton line is comfortable for sure, but if you have a few extra bucks Pima Cotton is worth the upgrade. Softer, more breathable and durable than traditional cotton, Pima makes a great gift and is now available in a 3 pack. Treat the favorite people in your life with a pack from our most premium line. 

 Essential Cotton Long Johns 

If the person you're shopping for is more outdoorsy, gift them with a pair of our Essential Cotton Long Underwear. These mid-rise Long Johns will keep them warm on a snowy mountain hike or cozy on the couch watching a movie. They’re also great for wearing under jeans if you walk around the city a lot, like I do. Available in a mistletoe red shade or classic grey, black, and white these are a must-have for anyone that enjoys winter layering. Complete the look with our Essential Cotton Long Sleeve Henley, which can be worn as a base layer or alone with some denim. 

Essential Cotton Union Suit

Now if you want to take the coziness to the next level, look no further than our Essential Cotton Union Suit. How does it feel to be swathed from neck to ankle in this soft cotton thingamajig? Well I’ve rocked it the last few seasons and I gotta say it’s pretty awesome. With snap-closures lining the center front this one piece is super easy to get in and out of making it the ultimate weekend wear. This adult onsie great for sleeping, lounging, matching with friends for a boozy holiday brunch, or any other activity where comfort is essential. 

Skincare Set

Want to give a premium gift but not too sure about giving underwear? Maybe an aesthetically pleasing personal care kit will do the trick. As a skincare junkie myself, I was so excited when we dropped our line of products last year. The easy, four step routine goes a little something like this. First, cleanse the face with our Charcoal Face Wash to remove any oil and grime from the day. Then, polish up the skin and prep for shaving with our Charcoal Exfoliating Scrub, formulated with environmentally-safe perlite particles. Spread our cooling, minty Shave Cream on the face for a smooth shaving experience that will leave the skin feeling hydrated and fresh. To top it all off, massage in a dollop of our Moisturizing Gel that keeps the skin soft but absorbs quickly so it never feels heavy or sticky. If someone on your list isn’t dazzled by this classy gift, give us a CALL!

Modal Underwear

Not many people have experienced something like Modal. Unbelievably soft, buttery smooth, cool to the touch with ample bounce and stretch, Modal is a must-try for the person who is obsessed with comfort. The Modal boxer is amazing for lounging around in, it’s one of my absolute favorites (tied for first with our Pima Boxer Brief), and the Bikini Brief is a great everyday option if you like that “barely there” feeling. Modal is also 50% more breathable than cotton the boxer features a function 2-button fly so you don't have to sacrifice any convenience. Almost indescribably soft and comfortable, with plenty of stretch and breathability? Wow, might be too good to be true. Better to try some for yourself too...just to be sure.

The Monogram Shop

So you’re pretty comfortable buying a friend or family member underwear for the holidays, but you want to elevate it a bit? We got two words for you: personalized monogramming. That's right, for a few extra bucks you can get up to 7 letters hand sewn onto a garment for that extra flair of personalization that will let the receiver know they're getting something really special. Available on Pima Cotton T-ShirtsBriefs, Trunks, Boxer Briefs and Boxers. Select 'Monogramming' on the product page and type the name or initials that you'd like to get. To be honest, I initially thought it was weird to wear underwear with my name on it because it just gave me flashbacks of 7th grade summer camp *shudders*. But the whole office got monogramming as a gift at our holiday party and it actually looks really nice; I find myself reaching for them when I need a little extra confidence to start my day. Way better than my mom’s sharpie job.

Face Masks

I don’t know about you, but I love “stocking stuffers.” They’re way more versatile than just extra filling for a sock hanging on the mantle. Need a gift for your coworker, personal trainer, barber, friend that you only like 60% of the time? Stocking stuffer. And this year there’s no better stocking stuffer than a cute face mask. Whether you like wearing them or not, they’re mandatory in most places, so if you don’t want to end up on the news pick up one of our festive Buffalo Check Face Masks for yourself and every acquaintance on your list! Nothing says thoughtful more than a cute gift that’s also very useful. Trust me, they’ll think that you put more brain power into it than you really did- it’s a win-win. 

Sliq Underwear 

We’re nearing the end of our top reccs but we couldn’t make this list without including a gift idea that benefits more than one person: Sliq. If you need a gift for a significant other, look no further. The only thing that you really need to know about Sliq is that it’s our sexy line. Attractiveness is subjective but I mean, you combine shiny speed dri fabric, spicy prints and high fashion cuts and you’ve got something that’s meant for showing off. Buy it for your boo or buy it for you!

Velour Underwear 

Last, but certainly not least, I’d recommend that everyone pick up a pair of Velour underwear this season. Velour? You ask, like the tracksuit trend of the early 2000s? Uh, YES! Cozy and stretchy on the inside, velvety soft with a hint of sheen on the outside. So cute, so extra. Available in Brief, Trunk or new Boxer cut in two jewel-tone shades. They’re one of the coolest things on our site and make a very memorable gift; you seriously have to check them out.

There you have it friends and fans, my Top 9 Gift Recommendations. Everything on this this list is truly something special and many of these items are at the top of our list of best products all year round. Treat your friends, family, dentist, coworker, anyone in your life that would appreciate a comfy, high-quality gift this holiday season. We hope this helped and we wish you happy holidays!

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