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How to Pick the Right Kind of Men’s Underwear

If you think that men's underwear doesn’t matter, you’re going to need to have a rethink if you want to level up. They do more than just help you feel good, the right pair of men's underwear is absolutely essential for the perfect look.

Think of sexy sleek underwear as the glue that holds everything together. Picking the wrong pair won’t just mean that you’ll be feeling a little off all day, it could also completely transform your look. Imagine putting on your best pair of slacks and seeing lines where there shouldn’t be any. Or god forbid anyone were to see you in a drab, holey pair of briefs.

Choosing the right pair of men's underwear means understanding your body type. This is where the age old question comes into play: briefs, boxer briefs, jockstraps, or trunks?


Briefs are what comes to mind for a lot of men when they think “everyday sexy underwear”. And they aren’t wrong, but you’d be surprised at what a good comfy pair of briefs can do for your mood. Briefs offer great support for your manhood and buttocks, and they look fantastic, hugging all the right areas no matter how...big.

If you’re stockier and have thicker thighs, then briefs are the ideal sexy alternative compared to some of the other popular mens underwear. The fabrics are stretchier, and they’re more comfortable for men with muscular builds. And if you’re on the larger side, briefs provide all the necessary support.

If this sounds interesting, you can try our Pinstripe No-Show Brief line, available in a variety of colors, for that sleek, seamless look. Alternatively, if you want something a little more exciting that puts the sexy in sexy underwear, you can try our Sliq Micro Brief for the smoothest, most flattering fit and the funkiest designs.


Trunks are pretty much the smaller, sexier cousin of the boxer brief. They’re great for men who like the cut and feel of boxer briefs but also like men’s underwear that shows a little more skin . Trunks are one of those men’s underwear styles that help even out proportions for men who might not have the bulk for other styles.

Available in different fabrics and colors, trunks are great for everyday wear. They’re better fitting if you find that boxer brief legs tend to ride up, and are a comfortable men’s underwear option for people who like to keep things simple and convenient.

You can try any number of our men’s trunk styles to find the one that fits your mood and personality. Need something a little sleek for your office fits? Order our Pima Flex Stretch No Show Trunk. It can be your luxurious, self-indulgent little secret.

How about something for lazy days? The waistband on our Sliq Micro Trunk styles is comfortable, and the seamless back means you come away with an ultra-smooth, ultra-comfortable fit. At the 2(X)IST online store, we’ve got styles for all occasions.

Boxer Briefs

For the man who is looking for sexy mens underwear that offers the comfort and cover of boxers but with a fit that provides support and highlights the goods - give a big hello to our boxer briefs. Boxer briefs bring to the table the best of both worlds, with an emphasis on comfort and form that makes them definite crowd pleasers... especially if you’re entertaining more than one person.

Boxer briefs make it clear that sexy underwear can look great and feel great. While they’re a good choice for pretty much any body type, they look especially good on thicker men. Wearing our boxer briefs made from fabrics like pima cotton and dri-fit, you’re guaranteed the ultimate in comfortable, classy, and sexy mens underwear.

Our Electric Boxer Brief is designed for active men, with breathable moisture-wicking fabric and an Original Contour Pouch design for support, boost, and comfort. Making you feel bigger than ever. Sexy mens underwear can be both comfortable and exciting, so if you’re feeling more playful you can order our Graphic Cotton Boxer Brief with fun prints, colors, and patterned fabric for that funky, fresh feel.

Jockstraps & Thongs

Is it getting hot in here, or is it just you?  When it comes to men’s sexy underwear, sometimes less is more. A lot of men feel a little hesitant about taking the leap into jockstraps or thongs, but they shouldn’t. This design offers the very best mobility, freedom, and support that will have you reaching peak performance in no time.

They’re great for athletes, men who need a better pouch design with more support, as well anyone just wanting to look really sexy in the bedroom.

But if you are feeling a little reluctant to try out our sexy mens underwear, don’t worry as it will help you initiate some fun changes in your life. A g string is nothing to be scared of, in fact it can even help you feel freer and more confident as it accentuates all the right areas.

Like g strings, jocks are some of the best examples of adventurous mens underwear, and come in a variety of styles, prints, fabric types, designs, colors, and much more. They make you feel fun, confident, and attractive.

So if you want to start wearing jocks, what are you waiting for? Try our Speed Dri Mesh Jock Strap for the ultimate in athletic men’s underwear items. With a pouch design that maximizes breathability and comfort for your manhood, it’s a cool, comfortable option for men on the go.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can order our Sliq Micro Y-Back Thong for that low-rise, nearly naked fit in a variety of stylish prints and styles. It’s the perfect underwear cut for men who love a little spice in their lives.


Classic, comfortable and the more conservative of cuts. Every drawer needs an uber soft pair of boxers for those mornings of lounging around the house. We make our boxers in 2 of our softest materials, Pima Cotton and Modal.

Boxers might not be considered the most sexy men's underwear of the styles but they can certainly be when you pair them with a well fitted tee and plus, who are we to judge on what your partner deems as attractive.

Essential Cotton

Not a lot of men's underwear brands offer options that work for sensitive skin. Luckily, we do. If you’re tired of sweating in stretchy, uncomfortable fabric, then you’re in for a surprise.

Our Essential Cotton collection is made from 100% cotton for the ultimate natural feel. Odor resistant, breathable and durable which makes it the perfect comfortable style while still being incredibly comfy. Do you want to feel like you’re enjoying the best of what nature has to offer? Sit back and let Essential Cotton do the work for you.

Cotton Stretch

Do you want to maximize comfort in your underwear? Try our cotton stretch fabric. Made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex, it’s cool, breathable, and feels incredible on the skin.

Odor resistant, soft to touch, and with a little bit of added stretch for that whole day comfort and mobility, it’s the ultimate choice for your everyday underwear. Imagine rolling on hills of soft, velvety grass – well, that’s the type of comfort our Cotton Stretch wraps you in.

Pima Cotton

2(X)IST believes that comfort is king, and we’re willing to invest in the details to make that happen. Underwear for men shouldn’t feel like a chore. Our Pima Cotton collection makes sure of that.

Softer than regular cotton, but with the same durability and breathability that makes it the ultimate choice for comfort, Pima Cotton is all about that luxurious feel. Would you like underwear that’s as freeing as the great outdoors? Pima Cotton is like traditional cotton but way better, giving you a softer and more breathable wearing experience with plenty of structure and support. ⁠Our premium Pima Cotton is soft but durable, and features expert construction for a fit so good you just might be checking yourself out in the mirror.

Speed Dri

Comfort comes first, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t tailor our collection and fabric options for athletes, too. If you’re the sportier kind of guy, you’re going to need products that are meant for heavy activity.

Too often, underwear brands focus on creating products that are as cost-efficient as possible. But how do their items feel after a long workout at the gym, or after a run?

Little details like this are why we’ve chosen to design with Speed Dri fabric. Moisture wicking, cool to the touch, and meant to hold up to the most strenuous conditions, Speed Dri is what will keep your manhood feeling fresh and comfortable even after hours on the go. If you want to feel sexy and confident even while covered in sweat, then our product ranges have got you covered.


Everyone’s got their own preferences. So, 2(X)IST has developed a range of options to help you get the underwear experience that you deserve. We never want our products to feel cumbersome or out of place, which is why our brand offers the Nylon fabric option for men who want to feel at ease anywhere.

Made from 84% nylon and 16% spandex, our Nylon product is meant to handle all the small details. Lighter than our other products for that barely-there feel, it’s the perfect choice for the professional who wants to feel comfortable, luxurious, and on top of the world. It’s the perfect little secret for the big man in the suit.


If there’s ever been a fabric that feels like butter on the skin, it’s Modal. Made from 95% modal and 5% spandex, this is what luxury feels like. Silky smooth, plus, and buttery soft, it’s what you wear when you want to feel like a million dollars.

Modal is fantastic for the customer who wants to prioritize a premium experience. It’s a product that offers an incomparable sensation, smooth as silk and dripping with luxury. Do you want to feel expensive? Put on one of these pairs and let them work their magic.

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