Battle of the Brief

Posted by Livia Bernard on

2(X)ST has been an innovator and trailblazer in the industry since entering the scene in 1991. Engineered in New York City, our team of experts never settles for anything less than amazing, tweaking and testing every fabric and style until it’s perfect.

Over the years we’ve added many different versions of the brief to our collection, each one unique and serving a different purpose. The existence of so many briefs, as well as the key selling point of each, is not known by many but today that changes. 

Welcome to Battle of the Bulge *clears throat* I mean, Brief. This weeklong event will pit each of our eight briefs against each other to determine which brief is The Best. Tune in each day to cast your vote on Instagram stories and refer back here to track the progress of your favorite as it battles through the bracket. 

Fighting on the East Side we have: “The OG” Contour Pouch Brief, “The Go-To” No-Show Brief, “The Flirt” Bikini Brief, and “The MVP” Sport Brief.

Representing the West Side we have: “The Hottie” Hip Brief, “The Money,” Sliq Brief, “The Giant” Lift Brief, and “The 3D” U Pouch Brief. 

We hope you’re as excited as we are and we hope you see Battle of the Brief through because there will be an exciting surprise once the the Best brief is crowned. See ya on the ‘gram!



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