Valentine's Day Gift Guide

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It’s that time of year again when the “official” day of LOVE is celebrated here in the States. Yes, it can be cheesy. Yes, it can feel overbearing and pressure ridden. But it doesn’t have to be. Gifts can range anywhere from lavish and costly to minimal but deeply personal. This year, we’re putting together a few gift ideas that our staff have on their very own wish-list. A Valentine's Day gift for men doesn’t have to be complicated. We are generally easy to satisfy. That said, if you want to go that extra-mile, these are sure hits.

For tech and gadget lovers, this can be tricky because sometimes we don’t know what is just trendy but not at all useful, OR what actually is new and adds value. That’s why we like looking for gadgets that are fun and EASY. For example this lens kit by ShiftCam for those that can’t stop taking photos. This will certainly up their game and by extension make your weekend crew's shenanigans look even more extra.


For the forever curious, the ones always asking questions…there’s always at least one in the couple. Why not feed their curiosity with an online Master’s Class? For those that have ever tried learning something from YouTube only to get mixed results, why not learn from a REAL professional. Gardening has long been used as a way to decompress with the Zen like mood it puts you in. Plus, at the end of the day, you can grow your very own rose for next year.


For the vain (LBH…we all are to a degree) this is an easy one. Keeping your skin healthy isn’t tough and during these dry winter months, it’s a NECESSITY. We, of course. have our own famous skin moisturizing gel but there are others in the market that we love too, like the Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream.

2xist Face Moisturizer

Speaking of winter…for those that are always cold. These Overland leather gloves will keep you warm during any polar vortex. We love the color and rugged style and since they are made by Overland, you can bet these will last you for many seasons to come.

Overland Leather Gloves

Lastly, we do underwear and tee shirts here and I might add we do them very well. That’s why our last pick is something personal to both us and YOU. Personalized men’s underwear is about as personal as one can get…literally.. We have our own in-shop monogramming developed for our premium Pima Collection, which is one of the softest natural cotton fibers in the world. Match that with a little initial of a loved one or perhaps your own initials, and you have yourself a gift that will surely be remembered…personalized underwear for him AND let’s not forget, it’s really the thought that counts, right?

Here at 2(X)IST, we believe love should be celebrated EVERY day, at least in some small way. Whether that’s being plain courteous to a stranger, to letting someone you care about know you’re thinking of them, to showing YOURSELF love with self-care through exercise, moderation and surrounding yourself with both people you love and who unconditionally love you back.

Happy Valentine’s Day from the 2(X)IST Team

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