5 Must-Watch Horror Movies To Scare Yourself Into The Halloween Spirit

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If this year isn’t terrifying enough for you, check out these titles to be fully creeped out. 

Ghosts, ghouls, zombies and fools. Teenagers screaming bloody murder while they witness a bloody murder. Masks, knives, chainsaws, tripping at the worst possible time. So much terror and gore to choose from, but personally we prefer the films that are thought-provoking along with being fear-inducing. Let us introduce you to our top picks.

1. The Ring

The Ring begins to unfold like a classic horror movie, but the plot actually proves to be very investigative in nature. Legend says if you watch the tape, filled with a spider web of terrifying imagery, you’ll receive a phone call afterwards stating that you will die in seven days. When newspaper reporter Rachel Keller hears that four teens died after seeing the tape, she watches it herself and gets the call, giving her only seven days to solve the mystery. Can she find a way out in time?  Who else will get spun into the web with her before the day of reckoning comes?

2. Sinister

This film is another investigative one, but is arguably more suspenseful throughout then The Ring. Sinister follows the story of true-crime writer Ellison Oswald who fell from fame nearly 10 years ago and is desperate for another best-seller. He moves his family into a home where multiple mysterious deaths happened in an attempt to solve the murders. When Oswald discovers old film footage that reveals the heinous slaughter of multiple families, he starts to put the pieces together and begins to realize that moving into this house may have been a fatal mistake. 

3. Silence of the Lambs

A psychological thriller in which a notorious cannibal is kind of an okay guy. Silence of the Lambs follows top FBI trainee Clarice Starling who is chosen for her looks to interview former psychiatrist and current psychotic murderer Dr. Hannibal (The Cannibal) Lecter, in order to gain insight on another case. Coined “Buffalo Bill”  by the media, this maniac has committed a series of grisly murders taking the lives, and skins, of five young women. When it is theorized that he is doing this for more than just trophies, Starling risks herself to dive deeper into the dangerous and evil mind of Dr. Lector to find out what Buffalo Bill is really up to and how to stop him.

4. Get Out

This unique thriller from the mind of comedian, Jordan Peele, begins with a road trip for Chris to meet his serious girlfriend Rose’s parents for the first time. His apprehension, about how Missy and Dean will react to their interracial relationship, is heighted when the family is overly accommodating to the point of overstepping. But Rose’s strange parents and alcoholic brother become the least of Chris’ problems when he finds out that a large family reunion is underway. Chris’ updates to his best friend Rod become more terrifying and disturbing as the weekend drags on until he isn’t sure what’s a nightmare and what’s real. 

5. 28 Days Later

Bike courier, Jim, wakes from a coma 28 days after a deadly virus was set loose in the world turning human beings into raging cannibals. As he departs the abandoned hospital and walks the desolate streets of London, Jim begins to realize how serious the situation is. He soon links up with a few other survivors and they make their way to a base that is promising safety. However as things begin to not be what they seemed, Jim must decide what he wants from this new life and trust his instincts to determine who he can truly rely on. 


Terrifying tapes, haunted houses, creepy cannibals, freaky families and...zombies. There is truly something for everyone on this list so we hope you check one and enjoy it- Happy Halloween!

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