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This Pride Month, 2(X)IST is turning the spotlight on real stories of confidence and self-expression. Through the Spotlight campaign, the brand is championing the voices within the LGBTQIA+ community, showcasing the journey towards authenticity and pride.

Meet Anthony from Chicago, Illinois, a standout in this series who is finally basking in the glow of the spotlight. “I finally feel like I’m in the spotlight right now because I’m actually comfortable with who I am. It’s taken me a long time to get where I am with my sexuality and take ownership of who I am. And now that I’m here, I’m not going anywhere,” he shares with a sense of triumph.

The Pride of Confidence: A Q&A with Anthony

Q: What does Pride mean to you?
Anthony: My journey to acceptance of my sexuality has been difficult, and at times I've struggled with being authentic. There have been moments when being true to myself felt as challenging as assembling IKEA furniture without instructions. But through all the ups and downs, I've come to realize that embracing who I am is not just a personal victory but a celebration of life itself. For me, Pride is about celebrating life. It’s a chance to honor those who fought for our rights and to keep pushing for a future where everyone can live their truth without fear.
Q: When did you first hear about 2(X)IST?
Anthony: I first heard about 2(X)IST underwear in the summer of 2001, just after arriving at Naval boot camp. I vividly remember getting ready to shower and seeing my bunkmate in a pair of low-rise white 2(X)IST briefs. Needless to say, I fell in love with the brand—and him!
Q: Why did you choose to be a part of this 2(X)IST campaign?
Anthony: I chose to be part of the 2(X)IST underwear campaign because I genuinely love what the brand stands for. 2(X)IST is all about comfort, style, and quality, and is designed to show off your best assets. I really appreciate how they blend these elements into their products. This campaign also gives me a chance to promote the celebration of Pride and self-confidence, which are messages that are super important to me. It's exciting to be part of something that encourages people to feel great about themselves in an authentic way. Plus, it's a fun way to connect with a wide audience and share these positive vibes. Overall, joining this campaign feels like a perfect match for me and my values.
Q: When was your first time taking the spotlight? How did you embrace it?
Anthony: My first time taking the spotlight? Well, if you ask my close friends, they'd joke that I've always been in the spotlight! But truth be told, my real shining moment, the one with the blinding light, came when my daughter was born. That was when the spotlight truly hit me. Holding that tiny, perfect baby girl, I knew I had a new role to play, the leading role in her life. In that instant, I felt this overwhelming urge to do better, to be more, and to become the kind of man and father she could look up to and be proud of. So, while I might joke about always being in the spotlight, the truth is, my daughter's arrival was the moment I truly embraced it. Every day since then, she's been my inspiration and my reason to keep striving for greatness.

Anthony’s journey is a powerful narrative of self-acceptance and resilience. From his days in the Navy to his role as a proud father, Anthony’s story is a testament to the impact of living authentically. At 2(X)IST, we are thrilled to have Anthony as part of our Spotlight campaign, showcasing the confidence and spirit of our community.

Through stories like Anthony’s, 2(X)IST continues to inspire confidence and a sense of belonging. Here’s to standing tall, shining bright, and embracing our true selves with pride.

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