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Make the most out of the last weekends of summer – the best way to start is by having a stress-free packing experience.

No matter where you’re traveling to, or how long you’re staying Garrett has some tips and tricks on how to pack light for a getaway. Garrett Swann, also known as The Sterling Compass, has flown millions of miles throughout the world so he’s pretty much an expert at packing. For this Labor Day weekend, the jet-setter is going to visit his parents in Santa Barbara, California. Santa Barbara is known for their hot and dry weather so he was sure to pack his Core Mesh Crewneck for its breathability and his Pink Yacht Short for a splash of color.

Expert Tip #1: Do your research, be prepared for your destination’s climate and pack accordingly.

Next he moved on to his White Linen Shirt, he always packs one or two Linen Shirts just in case an unexpected formal situation comes up.


He makes sure he doesn’t pack too much. He folds everything neatly and lays it on his bed so he can decide whether or not he needs it. Just like his motto: "Who wants to carry that much extra weight around with them?" Another trick he uses is rolling! Rolling your clothes saves you a lot of space.

Expert Tip #2: Don’t over pack because according to him, if you’re a shopper you’ll also want to leave some room for these extra souvenirs and miscellaneous purchases.

To avoid any airport troubles, make sure to check into your flight and claim your seat before you get there. He recommends doubling check your itinerary and your flight status to avoid missing your flight or going to the wrong terminal.

For the last tip, he emphasized to never check a bag! Always bring a carry-on even if you can’t fit some of your belongings, you can always pick them up at your destination. Thanks Garrett Swann, for sharing your packing hacks and best practices with us. We hope you are having an amazing time visiting your parents in Santa Barbara.

Shop his on-the-go, airport outfit in our V-Neck Tee Shirt.

Stay tuned for all of his travel adventures on his Instagram feed at: @TheGarrettSwann and make sure to check out his packing guide featured on our feed: @Offical2XIST.

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