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Meet Max Emerson, the Film Maker

Film Director, YouTube Sensation, Top Model - Max Emerson is a man with many talents. His well-known social media presence as @Maxisms or The Max Vicious gives him a platform to inspire and support the LGBTQ+ community.
Max has made a major impact by producing various short films that shine a light on the different problems facing the LGBTQ+ community and motivate his audience to love the skin they’re in. In Palm Springs, California on the set of the #2XISTPride campaign, Max sat down with us to share his tips on loving and embracing yourself for who you are.

Tip #1: Be kind and patient with yourself.

“If you are struggling with your sexuality, be kind and patient with yourself. Once you are like that with yourself, you are like that with others and people will like you more. You will just have an easier time all around.”

Tip #2: Don’t compare yourself to others because you’re not like anyone else.

“Instead be confident in yourself and don’t think about what anyone else thinks. It is so easy to compare yourself to other people’s lives but it can also be the other way around – where other people are comparing themselves to you.“

Tip #3: Ignore the haters because they are just looking for attention.

“On social media, there may be comments you dislike but the only way to deal with the ‘trolls’ is to ignore them, because they are not real. It is the only way to win!“

Tip #4: Finding yourself is a gradual process. Do it naturally and in the way you want to.

“I experimented a bit and distanced myself from the identity I created in the earlier years of my life. Once I went to college, I was able to reboot everything.”

Max showed us that being yourself is truly what it means to take pride. Throughout the shoot he showed his playful side and let loose with our crew members, brightening up the already sunny day.
Follow Max Emerson’s Instagram feed to keep up with all of his cool projects: @maxismsWatch his exclusive #2XIST Interview in our Instagram Highlight: @official2XIST

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