Meet Bella Oelmann

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Meet Bella Oelmann, the Nutritionist. 

Starting the day with a cup of green tea and a bit of honey, German model, Bella Oelmann sat down with us during our Spring 2018 campaign shoot to discuss how she stays fit and healthy. Bella is currently studying to become a certified nutritionist. Check out her tips on how to stay fit (especially during the summer BBQ season)! 

Tip #1: Don’t starve yourself.

If you’re trying to stay fit, make sure you’re fueling your body. Although it may be tempting, depriving yourself of food can actually lead to overeating.

Tip #2: Say no to junk food!

Stay away from food with refined sugar and watch out for those sneaky alcoholic beverages. Instead, opt for healthier choices such as fruit (which has natural sugar) and have a seltzer (or a light beer if you need the buzz).

Tip #3: Portion control is your friend.

Be mindful about how much you eat. The secret to portion control is eating from a smaller plate. The next time you’re at a cookout, reach for a smaller plate and eat slowly to savor that delicious food! 

Tip #4: The more water, the better.

Water has so many health benefits and some of these include: boosting your metabolism, removing toxins from the body and carrying nutrients throughout your body. Try to incorporate at least eight glasses of water into your day-to-day life to jump start your diet plan!

Tip #5: Workout! Workout! Workout!

Eating healthy and working out is a combo deal when it comes to staying fit. Mix up your workout plan and try new exercises to target various parts of your body. Bella’s favorite workouts are boxing and morning yoga!

For ease of movement and comfort, shop Bella’s favorite 2XIST underwear, Bonded Micro Hipster that guarantees to stay in place during those hot yoga sessions. 


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