Underwear Shouldn't Be An Afterthought


If you think that men's underwear doesn't matter, you're going to have a rethink if you want to level up.
The right pair of underwear is absolutely essential. We got you covered, literally.


Briefs are what comes to mind for a lot of men when they think “everyday sexy underwear”. And they aren’t wrong, but you’d be surprised at what a good comfy pair of briefs can do for your mood. We offer 6 different brief options, each with its own distinct look and feel.


Trunks are pretty much the smaller, sexier cousin of the boxer brief. They’re great for men who like the cut and feel of boxer briefs but also like men’s underwear that shows a little more skin . Trunks are one of those men’s underwear styles that help even out proportions for men who might not have the bulk for other styles.

Boxer Briefs

For the man who is looking for sexy mens underwear that offers the comfort and cover of boxers but with a fit that provides support and highlights the goods. Boxer briefs bring to the table the best of both worlds, with an emphasis on comfort and form that makes them definite crowd pleasers.

Jockstraps & Thongs

Is it getting hot in here, or is it just you?  When it comes to men’s sexy underwear, sometimes less is more. A lot of men feel a little hesitant about taking the leap into jockstraps or thongs, but they shouldn’t. This design offers the very best mobility, freedom, and support that will have you reaching peak performance in no time.


Classic, comfortable and the more conservative of cuts. Every drawer needs an uber soft pair of boxers for those mornings of lounging around the house. We make our boxers in 2 of our softest materials, Pima Cotton and Modal.

Long Underwear

Typically worn seasonally in the fall and winter, our long underwear hugs and accentuates all the curves in the right spots while maintaining warmth. Pair these with our henely's for the ultimate fall look. Who says long underwear can't be sexy?


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